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Top 4 Tips for a Perfect Renter’s Lease Agreement in 2018

Lease agreements are the backbone of the success of the rental properties that you lease to tenants. While you may think that you have an air-tight lease agreement already in place for when your tenant wants to ultimately renew, you need to consider some of the changes you could be making to improve your rental lease.

1. Include How Your Property Should Be Maintained

Your tenants have been your tenants for a year now. You all seem to know each other quite well. In this relationship, not only do they know your expectations, but you know their flaws as a tenant. No one is perfect, and it is highly possible that your tenant has some habits around your property that go against how you wish the property would be maintained.

Comb through your lease agreement and add in certain aspects that could help diffuse any problems in 2018.

2. Warn of Any Concealed Defects on the Property

Things can break throughout the year on a property. As a property manager, not only is it your responsibility to make sure that things get fixed but to make sure that your tenants know of any potential problems on the property.

Maybe you noticed something while they were away on vacation and had it fixed on your own dime. By adding any concealed defects on the property, not only are you protecting yourself, but you are also adding credibility to yourself as a property manager.

3. Get Online

Everything seems to be done online these days, especially in the professional world. New hire contracts are signed electronically and your 2018 lease agreement should be too. It is good for the environment and it makes organizing and storing your lease agreements easy. By working online with your agreement, you now have a secure location online where you can pull up a lease if necessary.

4. Revise Your Rules of Termination

As mentioned before, you now know your tenant better than ever. Now is the time to not let them get too comfortable, and make some revisions to your rules of termination. Do they have a noise problem? Add that clause in your contract. Do they tend to pay rent a little late? Add a corresponding clause to your contract.

By letting them know what you won’t stand for, you are providing a written warning through your lease agreement. If you have a great relationship with your tenants, this should be no problem; just remember that you have to be very specific about your rental terms and termination rules.

Let HuntaHome Help With Your 2018 Lease Agreements

If all of this information about lease agreements has you sweating a little under the collar, not to worry. At HuntaHome, we are a group of property managers that specialize in carrying out the more difficult tasks of being a property manager. From drafting rental leases to handling annual contract agreements, the professionals at HuntaHome will be able to solve any of your problems. Give us a call today to learn more about our property management solutions.

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