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Property Management Services For Real Estate Investment Groups

HuntaHome is the premier property management company serving hedge funds of all sizes.Whether your real estate investment group owns a few homes or hundreds of homes that are rented out to tenants, Huntahome is a Dallas property management business that offers you scalable solutions.


Every real estate investment group can benefit from having a local property management company handle the operations of their residential properties. We understand that as an investment group, managing the numerous areas of your properties can be a daunting task. As the premier property management company in Dallas Fort-Worth, we are prepared to assist you with any of your management needs.

What We Do

Regardless of the size of your investment portfolio (number of rental properties), Huntahome realizes that every property owner needs a plan of action. By working with Huntahome, you will be utilizing our systematic plan for your property that keeps you out of the undesirable aspects and duties of management while also protecting your rental properties.


Our property management plan has been developed over several years of service to real estate investment groups throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. Our expert property management team has the experience to handle management tasks that include:

  • Lease Agreements
  • Tenant Screening
  • Make-Readys
  • Inspection Photo Reports
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Accounting
  • Evictions
  • Investment Sales

When handling a large scale investment portfolio of rental homes, you are more susceptible to the unpleasantries that can arise from your venture. You need a management partner to oversee the day to day operation and take care of business on your behalf. When you have Huntahome on your side to manage your Dallas property, you can rest assured that we will handle these issues with efficiency and expertise.

Real Estate Investment Group Services

In the property management world, a real estate investment group that manages deals and property trading knows that it’s a full-time job on their own. Managing the daily operations is a whole other job on its own.


HuntaHome is manages property for private equity groups of all sizes.

When you place your investor’s money into a rental property, the main concern on your end should be getting a good return on the investment as a whole. While the idea of a private equity firm or hedge fund as a landlord may seem like a good idea upon investment, it really poses quite the challenge and can stunt further investment oppo

rtunities if not set up correctly. You can hit your goals with Huntahome as your property management provider. Our team will maintain the value of your assets and report to you live status updates. We know what it takes to move the inventory and produce results for our investors.


Making money on investment properties also relies on collecting rent payments in a timely manner. As investors, putting yourself in a situation where you have invested in a portfolio of rental properties, you now have to worry about the rent, maintenance, and have the pressure to keep your homes occupied. With these issues in mind and new investments surely on your mind, mistakes can be made, resulting in tenant loss.


Don’t let the weight of property management prevent you from moving on to the next profitable real estate investment. Huntahome will work with your real estate investment group to help you increase your business, by managing the daily operations of property management. You will be able to focus on the big picture items, while we handle the grunt work and improve tentent retention.

Benefits of Working with a Property Management Company

As a private equity group, you obviously want to work with one of the top property management companies in Dallas, to help maintain your investment and keep your mind at ease. Aside from the standard plan that we carry out, we also offer several other services that are specifically targeted to you as a client.


Not only can we take steps to increase property value, but our management services will also drive asset returns. Through our creative approach to property management we will ensure that operating expenses are controlled and you will see positive returns.


Due diligence coordination is also a large part of how we can help with your management process. We will help take care of the diligence for you by closely monitoring the properties that you are interested in.


Other areas that we specialize in include:

  • Tenant Relations: Retaining your tenants is as important as finding the right ones. Let our experience maintain the relationships you need to increase property value
  • Controlling Your Costs: As property managers, we are dedicated to reducing the costs of managing your real estate assets. This allows us to fulfill our goal of driving real estate returns.
  • Taking Ownership: When you place your trust in Huntahome as property managers, we can guarantee that every property that we manage is treated as if it was owned by us. We offer excellent communication, up-to-date budgeting, effective reporting, and consulting in areas you deem necessary.

We can Handle Clients Big and Small – No Limitations

At Huntahome we pride ourselves on working with a large platform at the local level. By this we mean that our business model has been structured to take on clients and properties of all sizes. We have found that the trick to success at any level is to think like an owner and be up-to-date on the different markets involved with property investment.


We welcome a variety of investors to put their trust in our expertise. Some of the investors we serve include:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Financial Institutions

Don’t be let down by a management company that offers promises with little experience. At Huntahome, we truly understand how to place ourselves in our client’s shoes and make their investment a success.

Let Huntahome Help Manage Your Next Venture

The biggest mistake a rental owner can make is to try to handle every detail of ownership on their own. By allowing Huntahome to take the wheel on the management of your rental portfolio, you are opening the doorway to success via tenant retainment, increased value, and an excellent ROI.


If you are an investment group or member of a hedge fund that is eager to keep investing in properties without having to worry about the management responsibilities, give us a call today. Our expert management team is prepared to answer any of your questions about our services and how to get our process started with your properties.