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Huntahome is a full service Real Estate Brokerage, that specializes in Acquisitions, Leasing and Property Management.

Our realty process is streamlined, so you have a Property Manager’s perspective with every purchase you make.

Our licensed experience and oversight will guarantee a healthy transaction. In most cases, we are priced inside the deal through our pro forma evaluation. Don’t buy an investment property in Dallas without factoring expenses, including Property Management! Unless you plan on doing it yourself of course, but then why would you be here reading this. Never lose a minute of time from closing, to make-ready, to market. Our sales team is geared for quick change of ownership and rent ready product.

Let’s talk leasing! The DFW rental market is hot right now. There’s lots of opportunity to secure a high quality tenant in your home. Contact us today and let the Property Management experts at Huntahome do this for you. Our field agents will visit the property, post rehab and get the listing live on market. Our listing photos are industries best and increase your odds of getting the home leased in a timely manner.