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Let a Dallas Property Manager Handle Make Ready Repairs

Does the property owner even care?  This is a common question tenants ask themselves when viewing homes to rent.

It is important for landlords to make a great first impression. There are many homes for lease in Dallas-Fort Worth and your home needs to stand out above the rest of the listings. Huntahome knows that you need a quality tenant in a timely manner.  These are key factors for your success with a Dallas property manager at HUNTAHOME.

Get a Make Ready Estimate on Time with a Dallas Property Manager

The best time for landlords to make updates is when the tenants move out. When the lease expires, your Dallas property manager will coordinate the move out process with the tenant and collect the keys. At this point the vacancy has officially begun! It’s time to get things moving along and not lose time!

Your property manager will re-key the locks, place a lock box on door, and activate all utilities.

Turnover inspections are reported from the property manager, in addition to time-stamped photos of needed repairs. This information is then relayed to the general contractor for a Dallas make ready estimate.

At HUNTAHOME, every Dallas property manager provides quality repairs for make ready. Tenants do not want to see botched jobs and loose ends. It’s easy to identify when a landlord cuts corners on make ready repairs and doesn’t complete the job the way it should be. This shows a sign of weakness to the tenant and doesn’t boost confidence in the owner’s financial stability to pay for a high dollar needed repair. e.g. If he won’t replace the vintage dishwasher, does he even have enough money to fix the A/C in the heat of summer if it goes out? The wrong internal answer to this question could cause potential tenants to look for another choice.

Create a ‘Make Ready Checklist’ That Helps You Get the Tenants You Want

To be a competitive landlord in your market, you need to supply the goods. During the vacancy, take the time to identify where you can spend money and unlock value to attract good tenants. This can be done through simple upgrades that can increase your property value. Not only do the right improvements increase your property value, but it helps you draw in the tenants that you want.

If you don’t offer fresh paint and carpet what kind of tenant do you expect to attract?  You’re going to have tenants who scuff up walls and don’t clean stains. It’s not fair to hold the tenant responsible for carpet stains if you didn’t provide them with clean carpet to begin with. The old saying is true: treat others as you want to be treated. This is Dallas property management 101!

Consider making simple upgrades and stay in with the times. Many rental homes in Dallas are still trimmed with gold interior finishes from the early 90’s! Get rid of that and replace with brush nickel door knobs, bathroom faucets, and ceiling fans.

Easy Bathroom Repairs

A frame-less shower is affordable and will make your home stand out against the competition. While you’re at it, go ahead and replace the water shut off valves under the vanities. It’s money well spent! In the event that your tenant experiences a flood, you’re giving them a chance to avoid damages with a new valve and not a 30 year old, rusty, brittle knob that you have to turn 10 times to shut the water off.

Don’t Forget the AC!

Dallas, Texas heat can be brutal at times. Consider upgrading your air conditioning system. Not only does this keep the house cool, it will also save the tenant money on electricity. Tenants will definitely be looking for this! Don’t be the landlord that has the 25+ year old condenser humming on the side of the house with obvious patch repairs and no insulation on the copper line. Although this upgrade can be costly, you’d be surprised how many quality tenants will not move into a home with an old system.

Even the Floor Counts

As another upgrade, consider wood laminates in main living areas and hallways. Not only does this make the property more appealing, it’s also easier for the tenants to clean. Plus, you don’t have to worry about replacing as much carpet and padding on future turnovers. This upgrade will save you a significant amount of money if you plan to hold onto the property for multiple years.

HuntaHome Makes Dallas Property Management Simple

Do you need a Dallas property manager?  Our team is here to serve and make your investment property a positive experience.

Contact Huntahome for your Dallas property management needs. We are well connected in this market and have the right resources to help you.  Utilize our experience and allow us to put you in a long-term winning position. Our team knows what it takes to complete quality work in a timely manner and have the property ready for max market rents!

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