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Landlord Responsibility Vs. Tenant Responsibility

Who is responsible for the repairs to a property? That is a common question many landlords and tenants ask their Dallas property manager. Let’s go through a couple scenarios where the responsibility falls on each side.

Normal Wear and Tear

Normal wear and tear is typical among tenants. Wear and tear in a rental is best described as:

  • A few scuffs on the walls
  • Carpet fade from high traffic walking paths
  • Discolored grout
  • Loose hardware on doors
  • Small nail holes.


Damage to a rental is definitely an issue that falls on the shoulders of renters. It is the main reason why property managers require security deposits at the time of signing the lease. Obvious destruction that tenants are responsible for include:

  • Holes in walls
  • Broken cabinet doors
  • Pet stains on carpet
  • Broken bathroom mirror
  • Dented garage door

The list can go on and on here. Occupants can cause quite a bit of damage if they are not responsible.

Make the Effort to Fix Defects in Your Tenant’s Home

Often times the tenant will request maintenance with Dallas property management. It’s no surprise that when something breaks, the tenant wants it fixed. It is very important to not forget that the tenant is paying thousands of dollars per year to live in the home. Without them paying in each month, you’d be losing money. Don’t be reluctant to show appreciation during their stay and quickly fix defects. Some owners may even decide on making an annual upgrade to the property. This shows the tenant that you care about the home and your investment. Actions speak louder than words. Show the love!

A residential Dallas property manager recognizes the value of keeping tenants happy and balancing repair expenses for the property owner. It’s inevitable that the tenant will be moving out at the end of their lease, if repairs are being deferred and not serviced. Truth be told, if landlords do not want to pay for repairs and keep their tenants happy, they are simply in the wrong business. This entire business model is built around tenant relations and satisfaction. That is why many investors choose Huntahome as their Dallas property management company. Our tenants are happy and our lease extension rates are high!

My Garbage Disposal is Leaking, Please Come Fix!

All maintenance requests should be presented in writing. Sure, we take calls, but it’s best to keep all details in writing for the Dallas property manager to review and dispatch the best contractor for the job. It is best to ask questions to the tenant and not make statements when investigating repairs. Don’t be a bully and beat your chest!

How did the garbage disposal break? Have you pressed the reset button underneath? Well, the handyman found glass in the disposal hopper. In this instance, glass wasn’t in there before move-in. It wasn’t documented on the tenant’s inventory and condition form at move-in either.Garbage Disposal Repair

The tenant has lived there for 4 months and now we have glass in the sink. Unfortunately for the tenant, they will be responsible for this repair. Generally, in most cases we are dealing with honest tenants. Accidents happen and admitting the truth to the Dallas property manager can go a long way, especially if the lease term has just begun.

Flip the situation now. You contact us and we hire a local plumber to evaluate the garbage disposal, and it’s a twenty five year old vintage unit that has burned up. It is difficult to pin that repair on the tenant. The best play here is for the Dallas property management company to replace with a new garbage disposal and show sign of good faith. Not only will this make the tenant happy, it’s also slimming the chance of having to dispatch again for another repair. Dallas property management will ensure that this is professionally installed and under warranty moving forward.

My Garage Door is Broken and Off the Rails, Please Help!

It’s easy to forget about garage doors. They are automatic. We press a button, walk away or drive off.  It’s common for these doors to have issues and the damage can occur at any time. A technician will be dispatched through Dallas property management. Time stamped photos will be taken and an evaluation report to determine the cause of damage. The Dallas property manager will compare these photos with move in photos. If there is a small tear in the garage panel at move in, it’s not fair to deem this tenant responsibility. The aluminum doors will tear over time just like a soda can. Landlords can’t set the tenants up and expect them to pay for it.

Once again, accidents happen and honesty goes a long way. In most cases it’s a car backing out, door shutting on a bike, or kids using it to kick their ball against. With these instances in mind, the tenant will be responsible for repair or replacement depending on damage. It’s not fair for the landlord to have to pay out of pocket for these tenant actions.

Huntahome Knows the Steps to Take with Landlord and Tenant Repairs

To be a successful landlord, you need proper procedures for these instances. This is why many investors depend on Huntahome for Dallas property management. Our ability to enforce the lease agreement and hold tenants accountable for their actions can’t be topped. We also help educate many Dallas real estate investors. With several hundred homes under management, Huntahome knows the drill!. Our Dallas property management team can coordinate these repair issues and keep tenants happy along the way. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you manage your property.


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