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Customer Service in Property Management

How many property owners want a top-notch property management company? Although some owners may not want to pay for the cream of the crop, many owners recognize the true benefit of having an accredited property manager take care of business. That’s what makes Huntahome different from the competition.

There are many components associated with Dallas property management. It’s not always about collecting rent and property repairs. What many don’t realize is that a property manager must put service, above self. Tenants, owners, and vendors depend on the property management system. A high ranked Dallas property manager like Huntahome embraces this role and delivers a high level of customer service, satisfaction and appreciation.

Communication is Key in Property Management

It’s important for Dallas real estate investors to never underestimate the value of great customer service. Tenants pay good money to live in a rental home. They pay even more to live in a home that is well managed by a Dallas property management company that cares about them. The way the property manager communicates and handles day to day business is vital to success.

How many of you have sent emails to your Dallas property manager and not received a response? It’s fair to say that the tenant is most likely not being heard either. This makes it easy to speculate what all is really going on at the property and how issues are being handled behind the scenes. Strong communication is key to success. The worst thing in life is being ignored, especially when you’re paying $1,500 plus per month in rent, or paying for Dallas property management.

Ensure a Timely Response

Timeliness is also key. For example, if a property owner or tenant asks a question, it’s important that it’s answered in a timely manner. Depending on the level of priority, common response time is 24 to 48 hours. Emails can get lost in the shuffle and delayed for days on out. At Huntahome, we’re not afraid to pick up the phones and tag people back. That’s what keeps business moving and helps resolve the issue at hand. Many owners and tenants can appreciate a phone call.

Dallas property management requires the willingness to listen to what owners, tenants, and prospects are saying. To be an elite property manager you need to listen and acknowledge feedback.

This not only reflects on customer appreciation but also shows where improvements can be made on a management level. A business will fail if nobody is listening to what others are saying. Why risk putting your property in the hands of a management company that doesn’t listen?

The best partnerships in business are built on respect, trust, and expertise. It’s difficult to be on top as an investor if you don’t share these core values with your Dallas property manager. Listening to each other and building a relationship is super important. Real estate investors do not make money going through a new property manager every year. It’s crucial to find a Dallas property management company that listens, understands your goals and wants to help you build. Investors know they need a property manager and know they need to pay for one. Paying money to a property management provider that listens and offers an elite level of service is exactly what an investor needs to win long-term in the Dallas Fort Worth market.

Friendliness Helps Beat the Rental Industry

Friendliness goes a long way. The rental industry is a constant challenge and can put a toll on some property managers. Nobody wants to communicate with a grouch! No matter the workload, it’s imperative that a Dallas property manager put on a smile and be friendly.Friendly Customer Service

It’s natural for people to avoid grumpy behaviors. Good owners, tenants, and prospects gravitate to those who service, smile and appreciate the work. Sure it may be a grind, but that’s work!

Being friendly to those involved makes for good work, and good work results in a healthy business. Allow Huntahome to step in and show you how a healthy business operates and manages rental properties in Dallas.

A passionate property management company can make all the difference in making investors profit. Huntahome has a reputation for taking on challenges and keeping people happy. This is why tenants choose to extend their leases year after year and our vacancies are low. The tenants are taken care of, the home is maintained and the owners make a healthy return on their investment!

Huntahome Provides Excellent Customer Service to Dallas Rental Properties

Great customer service stems from knowing the actual service. Dallas property management offers a wide variety of services including:

  • Tenant Screening
  • Leasing
  • Property Inspections
  • Repairs
  • Accounting

 Owners, tenants, and prospects can appreciate communicating with a property manager who knows their stuff! Time is valuable and nobody wants to waste time talking to several people on staff that don’t know what they’re talking about or doing.

At Huntahome, we know Dallas property management! Give us a shot and allow our team the opportunity to put you in a long-term winning position in the Dallas real estate market. Our investors appreciate the level of customer service we offer and we’re happy to provide it. Contact us today to schedule a meeting. Partner up with a Dallas property manager that will help you grow!

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