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4 Fall Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

Real estate investors in Dallas understand the importance of constantly maintaining their residential properties. The consistently changing weather throughout the seasons in Texas adds a new level of difficulty to home property management. The maintenance checklists that most homeowners have may actually be different to property managers renting to tenants.

As property managers, it is our job to make sure that tenants don’t have to worry about the more expensive and detailed issues that come with living in a home. With fall now in full swing and winter on the horizon, Huntahome has some tips to help you prepare for home and tenants for a comfortable fall season.

4. Maintain the Yard of Your Rental Property

As the premier residential property management company, we know that yard maintenance is a year-round battle. However, the fall is the perfect time to get a head start on a successful spring through some of these fall yard tips. Of course, in the fall you have to rake your leaves, but there are also other important factors in lawn maintenance that will help you stand out.

Some extra steps to push your property over the edge in the spring include:

  • Trimming the hedges
  • Fertilize the grass
  • Deal with low-hanging branches
  • Get rid of those weeds!

3. Store Your Outdoor Equipment Properly

With fall weather in Texas comes hurricanes, rainy weather, and eventually snow. You want to make sure that your outdoor items are properly taken care of. Put them in your backyard shed or in a storage unit. This ensures that when warmer weather comes around, your items don’t run the risk of being damaged by the cooler and damper weather.

Items to consider packing up include:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Precious cooking grills
  • Lawn maintenance tools like your lawn mower

2. Clean Your GuttersGood Property Managers Clean Out Gutters in Fall

Fall has its name for a reason. During this season, Texans love to watch the leaves change and fall to the ground. Keep in mind that not all leaves make it down to the ground and some may be in your gutters clogging up your best protection against roof damage when the rains come. Take some time to routinely clean out stuffed gutters for your tenants.

1. Inspect the Roof

While the weather is still substantially dry, don’t be afraid to pull out the ladder and inspect your property’s roof. Keep an eye out for loose or missing shingles. Replace them now before the problem becomes a larger issue when the rain starts coming down.

Huntahome Can Help You Manage Your Property Throughout All Seasons

At Huntahome we understand that maintenance can be a difficult area to keep up with on your rental property. This is especially when taking into account the other rental issues that property managers face on a daily basis.

If you are a homeowner that rents your property to tenants, let Huntahome step in and help you with the dirty details of residential property management that may be difficult or just tedious to deal with. As a leading property management company, we deal with tenant screening, contracting, evictions, and more. Call us today for more information on the services that we offer.

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