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Huntahome protects your budget and issues electronic bids for repair authorizations exceeding authorization limit.

It’s important to us that you are informed on costly repairs.

It’s not realistic as a real estate investor in Dallas, to believe that repairs will never be needed. We don’t want any surprises and reach out to all property owners for authorization before proceeding with these types of repairs.

In most cases, a time stamped photo of the issue at hand is submitted to you along with the estimate of cost. This gives our owners more information, so we can collectively come up with a cost effective and timely solution. Our maintenance team is trained to detect who is responsible for the repair. As your partner and Property Manager, we are focused on holding tenants accountable for their actions and damages.

All tenant occupied repairs are required to be submitted by the tenant in writing. Often times via login portal or email. This give our maintenance team a grasp on what the issue is and what tradesman to send to the property. We always try to diagnose over the phone before sending a maintenance technician. For example, if a garbage disposal is reported defective, at times you can guide the tenant over the phone to hit the restart button underneath the disposal hopper. This type of strategy helps save everyone time and money.

Tenant occupied repairs are scheduled with the tenant directly and completed in a timely manner. If you are using your own selected contractor, it will be their responsibility to schedule repairs with the tenants directly. We will not schedule for them. To be honest, we just don’t want to be caught in the middle of repairs with a vendor we don’t have a relationship with. Our contractors and vendors are a selected group that knows what we expect out of them. Their licensed, insured and have legal tax identification.

Building an Addition to Your Dallas Rental Property Can Attract New Tenants

Get Help Renting & Managing Your Property Get Your Property Rented In 21 Days. Guaranteed.

Our number 1 priority is reducing your liability.

We pay close attention to rental code requirements, such as smoke detectors, keyless deadbolts and sliding door locks.

Don’t expose yourself with these oversights. We’re the professional Property Managers. This is what we’re trained to identify and solve. All repairs are compliant with Texas Property Code and we quality control all work to make sure it is done correctly before billing. We perform thorough property inspections with high definition, electronic time stamped photo reports.

Is your property vacant and in need of repair? Our Property Managers will provide you an initial inspection, which identifies the necessities to generate a maximum rent return on your investment property. A Property Management report, time stamped photos and an estimate of cost will be issued to you within 7 days of inspection. This gives us the ability to call a “spade a spade” and agree to what you want to have done. Remember, these are just our recommendations to maximize your rental income. At a minimum, you will only be required to proceed with Texas Code deficiencies.

Rental Property management in dallas

Do you have your own contractor?

Skilled Dallas Rental Property Maintenance Contractors

No problem. Just let us know when it’s declared “rent-ready.”

We’ll be happy to follow up with an inspection and get the property listed quickly on market. Remember, if the property is occupied, your selected contractor is responsible for scheduling with the tenant directly. We will not schedule for them.

Get Help Renting & Managing Your Property Get Your Property Rented In 21 Days. Guaranteed.

Our contractors are licensed and insured.

We enforce a high level repair standard on our homes and all work is monitored.

 Property Management in dallas

Don’t delay your project and hire us knock it out! Time is money and often times we’re hired to come in and complete a job that has been dragged out, or simply just wasn’t done correctly. Don’t delay your vacancy for weeks due to carpet and paint. Our rental make-ready’s are generally completed from floor to ceiling within 5-7 days. Quality is extremely important to us. We aim to provide the rental market with a quality rental product, which is why our portfolio has a very low vacancy rate and our tenants love our homes!

Client Reviews

“I have enjoyed my overall experience with Hunt A Home. They offer great customer service and support. The maintenance issues are always handled in a timely manner. From the beginning of my search for a home till now that I have found my home. Thanks Hunt a home for the best rental experience. I would give them 5 stars.”
C. Chapa
“Huntahome has managed my house for the past 3 years and I have no complaints. Quick at responding to any of my requests and always keeps me in the loop on any issues. Will recommend to anyone!”
A. Nguyen
“Hunt and his company have done an excellent job with managing my property for the last 5 years. I cannot recommend them more highly. They have always done a stellar job in handling my property even though I live over 1000 miles away”
R. Raychaudhuri
Get Help Renting & Managing Your Property Get Your Property Rented In 21 Days. Guaranteed.