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Winter Maintenance Checklist

A change in the seasons is the perfect signal to do some property maintenance. Performing regular upkeep on and around your properties can help prevent expensive repair bills and help protect your investment. This list outlines high-priority, low-cost maintenance tasks for your property, heading into the winter months. Contact your Dallas Property Management Company for full service coverage and Winter Maintenance Checklist.

Service the Furnace:

Changing the filters often is the best way to ensure efficient heating throughout the home. Old filters can become dirty or clogged, running up your heating bill. Send email and/or text reminders when it’s time to change the filter. Cut down on trips to the hardware store by buying filters in bulk or on having them shipped on a subscription basis.

Seal Doors and Windows:

Keep the cold at bay by checking all your door and window seals. As houses shift and settle, small openings may appear. It’s amazing how much heat can be lost from a few tiny cracks in the door seal. Weather stripping replacements are available at any hardware stores and are low in cost. This small fix can lower your heating (and cooling!) bills. It can also prevent unwanted pests from climbing through those small cracks.

Fireplace maintenance:

A nice, blazing fire can be a fun way to make your home feel cozy, while keeping it warm. It’s vital to perform maintenance before lighting the first fire of the season. Verify the flue is opening and closing properly. If the chimney has debris from birds or leaves, you can hire a chimney sweeper or purchase a DIY cleaning kit.

Drain Sprinklers:

Use an air compressor to blow any remaining water out of the sprinkler lines. This will prevent leftover water freezing, expanding and bursting the pipes. Don’t forget to turn off outside faucets too! Put away any outdoor furniture or hoses to protect them from the harsh temperatures.

Yard Clean Up:

Take some time to prune or trim any plants/bushes/trees that could potentially freeze and break during a winter storm. Rake and remove leaves and any other plant debris. This loose material can clog gutters and drains during a storm. If you have a garden or plant beds, this can be a great time to plant some hearty bulbs which will pop up in the spring.

Performing small, inexpensive seasonal maintenance can help protect your investment and prevent costly repairs. If you need someone local to help perform winter maintenance, we recommend Make Ready Residential.

Winter Maintenance Checklist

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