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How to Retain Tenants Long Term

Retaining tenants long-term can be a challenge for landlords and property owners, but it is well worth the effort. Not only does it save time and money on the cost of constantly turning over units, but it also creates a sense of community and stability within your rental properties.

One way to retain tenants long-term is to make sure your property is well-maintained and updated. This means regular repairs and maintenance, as well as occasional renovations and home improvements. When a tenant moves out, it is a good opportunity to make any necessary repairs or updates to the unit. This can include things like painting, replacing old appliances, or updating the bathroom or kitchen. By making these improvements at the turnover, you can list the unit for a higher rent and attract higher quality tenants. Tenants are more likely to stay long-term if they feel like they are living in a quality home that is well-maintained and up-to-date.


Another way to retain tenants long-term is to build a good relationship with them. This means being responsive to their needs and concerns, and making an effort to be a good landlord. This can include things like being quick to respond to repair needs, offering flexible lease options, and being open to communication. Tenants want to be able to feel comfortable in their space, knowing that no matter how long they live there, it will be fixed up for them when needed. Tenants don’t want to worry about broken appliances or leaking faucets. They want to know that if something breaks down it won’t take weeks for someone from the management company or landlord’s office to show up at their door. 

Give Back

Finally, consider offering incentives to encourage long-term tenancy. This can include things like discounted rent for longer leases, or the option to renew their lease early at a discounted rate. If your tenants are happy with where they live then they’ll stay longer! This means more money coming into your pocket each month which means less work trying to find new renters every few months. When you make improvements on your rental property, you’re showing the tenant that you care about the upkeep and maintenance of their home. Why would they want to leave a place where the owner cares about the property, makes upgrades as needed and listens to their tenants? This keeps your tenants for longer periods of time and increases their loyalty. They also will be more likely to refer friends who may become interested in renting from you.

The bottom line is that if you want to retain good tenants, you need to make sure your property is in top condition. By making upgrades in between tenant turnover and keeping the home updated, owners can ensure they will get quality tenants who are willing to stay long term. This means higher rents and lower turnover rates which can translate into more profit for the owner.

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