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Look at DFW Homes for Sale — and for a Chance to ‘Buy Up’

Dallas Homes for Sale! The Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market is sizzling right now. Need proof? Zillow just named DFW as the nation’s No. 7 hottest market, joining a list that includes several jaw-droppingly expensive California markets (San Jose, San Francisco and San Diego).

And that’s one reason why it’s such a great time to sell your current home and look for a new one. There are tons of people looking for homes for sale in Dallas, TX right now, that it’s relatively straightforward to find a buyer willing to pay your asking price. At the same time, recent growth in the Dallas market means that you should have plenty of equity left over to put toward a new and better home.

The same holds true in regard to Fort Worth homes for sale. People are looking for properties right now, and sellers have an opportunity to put their existing homes on the market and flip their equity toward a new and better place to live.

Are you interested in selling and searching DFW homes for sale for a chance to move up into something bigger and better? There’s a huge opportunity to find the home you love — if you know how to overcome the biggest challenge.

Finding the Right Agent … Who’s Also Affordable

Many homeowners try the for-sale-by-owner path in order to save a few bucks. But, unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize just how much they lose by not having an agent.

Finding the right agent means that you immediately get expertise in:

  • Pricing a home to sell quickly and at its full value
  • Negotiating with prospective buyers
  • Navigating the period before closing when a deal can fall apart

When you find the right agent, you get experience and knowledge that becomes invaluable when trying to close a real estate transaction. Yes, you can try to close a deal on your own. But do you really want to risk making first-time mistakes with what is likely your most valuable asset?

The challenge is clear, though: Using an agent cuts deeply into the amount of money a seller carries away from the deal. Fortunately, there’s now a solution in the DFW area that eliminates that challenge.

What We Offer at HUNTAHOME

At HUNTAHOME, we are passionate about the DFW real estate market. We love working with both buyers and sellers, and we understand how difficult it is to see so much equity go toward commission at the close of a sale.

That’s why we love working with current homeowners who are looking to “buy up” in the market. We can now offer significant commission discounts on home sales if the seller commits to using our services when buying a new home.

Yes, this is the perfect time to sell your existing home and to buy up into something new and better — a larger home, a better neighborhood, an area with outstanding schools, etc.

And HUNTAHOME is offering the perfect way to keep as much of your equity as possible to put toward that newer and better home.

Ready to Buy Up?

Are you ready to buy up? People are flocking to Texas and Dallas in particular for the plentiful job opportunities and affordable lifestyle. Putting your home on the market right now means that you can get peak value and keep as much of your equity as possible as you search for a dream home.

And, at HUNTAHOME, we want to help your dreams come true. Don’t settle for just any option from among Fort Worth and Dallas real estate agents. As you begin looking at homes for sale in Fort Worth, TX, or at Dallas homes for sale, let us provide expert guidance and make experience-based recommendations.

Get in touch today and learn more about buying up into your dream home.

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