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Hot Market Rentals for Dallas Property Management

Dallas Texas is one of the largest cities in the United States. It’s no surprise with all the development and corporations moving into town. I mean, these people have to live somewhere, right? Take a minute at a red light and look around. All you see are cranes, cement trucks and crews working around the clock. Without a doubt, Dallas property management is growing. Apartment development is on the rise. The Tollway and Interstates are building all along the feeder roads. It’s quite the site! Boomtown! 

Most families need more space than what an apartment has to offer. Renters want a home that is large, fenced backyard and professionally serviced by a Dallas property manager. With years of experience, Huntahome has paved the way for many investors success. Our team is aggressive in this market and we raise the bar for Dallas property management. 

Property Manager Tips to success!


A professional Dallas property manager will make sure that the home has a sign in the yard, listing photos taken and published on the MLS. MetroTex Association is fantastic and offers many marketing tools for Realtors. If landlords want to attract quality tenants, it’s important to make sure that the photos reflect a quality home. Take extra time for good pictures and have them published with property details. The MLS syndicates the listing to hundreds of websites. Your property will be highly visible and attractive on market!


You have to communicate to close deals! It’s common for listing agents to not follow up with the leads they receive. Especially, when they’re coming in from phone calls, websites and outside agents. With rentals on the market, it’s a high level priority to assist prospects inquiring about inventory, details and availability.  Hot areas such as: Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Frisco and Mckinney need aggressive property managers and leasing agents to assist the demand. At Huntahome, we typically put 5-10 homes on the market each Friday afternoon and have applications on all rentals by that following Monday. This is why local investors and landlords select us to be their property manager. We’re not lazy!


You can’t just hand the keys out. Screening the future tenants is a must and generally takes 3-4 days to complete the application process. Most Dallas property managers have their own set of tenant requirements posted for applicants to review. Online applications are a great way for renters to quickly claim stake on their future home. At Huntahome, applicants can do everything online and get approved as early as 72 hours. I recommend leasing agents assist their clients with this process. Making sure that the details coming in clean is vital. Just like resales, rentals can generate multiple applications and offers. Dallas property management Companies can select the best fit applicant right away, or even call for highest and best to raise the rate. 

Lease Agreement 

Documents move quickly in the leasing game. No doubt about it. In a hot market like Dallas, many renters need a place as soon as possible. Provide a good product to market, showcase it, allow access for showings, generate applications and now you secure the home for the tenant. It’s unfortunate that so many get this far in the process and fail to move the documents quickly. Not with us! If we have an approved application, applicants are notified of the good news same day and drafted a lease agreement for review. Huntahome understands that people need homes. We want to max out our ability to provide these homes in a quality manner.

We’re passionate about Dallas Property Management

Rental homes require attention, just like the prospects looking to claim a vacancy. Your Dallas property manager should be full circle, including all aspects of leasing and customer service. Having a property manager with an open ear to fix problems and help others is the key to success. Dallas real estate investors know the value of the best Dallas property management company. Low vacancies, strong communication and passion for the industry are key components of a success!

Give Huntahome a shot and let us step in as you Dallas property management company. We have boots on the ground and service our properties with care. Contact us today!

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