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Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Decoration in a Rental Home

While we are entering into the season of Christmas trees and holiday lights, now may be a good time to bring up general decorating do’s and don’ts during the best time of the year. As a property manager, you understand that your rental home is something that has to be maintained properly and the holidays are no exception.

The holidays are generally safe when it comes to decorating so long as you make sure to get this information to your tenants before the season kicks into high gear.

Don’t Leave Candles Running

Holiday scented candles are a big trend these days and remembering candle safety is a huge part of utilizing this decoration responsibly. As a property manager, it is frankly your decision whether or not candles are even allowed at your rental property.

If you choose to allow candles as décor, keep in mind to remind tenants that if using candles, to not leave them on while away from the home. This is the easiest way to ensure that your tenant can keep the home smelling festive, while also adhering to your property management standards.

Do Get a Natural Tree but Keep in Mind Cleanliness

If your tenants celebrate Christmas or just want to have a festive tree up during the holidays, feel free to allow them to use a natural tree at this time of the year. The home will not only smell great, but this is a tradition that many family members have across the United States.

However, as a property manager, feel free to gently remind your tenants that pine trees tend to shed needles or leak sap. Make sure that they are well equipped to handle any tree messes and inspect your home shortly after the holidays to ensure that they have cleaned up any natural debris.

Do Not Overstuff Outlets

Yes, your tenants will want to go all out in their holiday decorations, but as far as lights are concerned, you want to remind them that they must adhere to specific safety measures when using wall outlets for lights or other decorations.

Overstuffing outlets creates a fire hazard that could put your home and more importantly, your tenants at risk.

Take Note of Where Holes Have Been Made

If your tenants decide that they want to place holes in the wall for decorations, take the time to make note of where these decorations are and how substantial the holes are. Most pin needle or nail holes can be covered up with standard spackle, but you want to make sure that no substantial damage has been made to your rental property.

HuntAHome Has Your Holidays Under Wraps!

If you want to focus more on the holiday festivities of your family and worry less about your tenants this holiday season, let HuntAHome give you a helping hand. We are one of the most experienced property management companies Dallas has to offer. We understand that running a rental property is not always a vacation. Give us a call today to find out more about our services.

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