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Common Complaints Landlords Have When Renting Property

Owning a rental property isn’t easy. There’s so much more to being a property owner than just collecting rental payments every month. Unfortunately, many landlords begin renting properties thinking that it’s an easy way to make money. When they realize how much work is involved, they either get out of the business entirely or call our property management company to take care of it for them. We’re sharing the most common complaints landlords have when dealing with rental properties.

Rental Properties Need A Lot of Maintenance

Every property needs maintenance from time to time. Landlords more often than not end up having to spend precious time fixing things like broken doors, leaky faucets, or even electrical issues at their rental properties. Understandably, landlords would rather not spend their time dealing with these issues. For landlords that hire property managers, they can rely on the manager to take care of everything for them.

Tenants Don’t Pay On Time

Even though we screen potential tenants very thoroughly to avoid payment problems, sometimes tenants can forget to pay. This puts landlords in a difficult position because he or she more than likely has to pay the rental property’s mortgage and can’t do so without the rent check. Since you don’t want to track down a tenant every month, we do that for you.

Tenants Complain Too Much

Anytime a property is being rented out, you can expect those who are renting it to have complaints. Even the smallest things can be a huge deal to some renters. Tenants like these can be obnoxious to landlords because they call or text everyday asking for something to be repaired or wanting updates on something in the process of being repaired. As property managers, we’re the first people your tenants call with problems. You’ll never have to deal with tenants if you don’t want to.

Eviction Takes Too Long

The process of evicting a tenant that isn’t paying their rent can be long and difficult. Most landlords don’t want to deal with the time and expense often associated with evicting a tenant. Our evictions services are fast and it takes the stress off of your shoulders. We handle all of the paperwork and legal issues so you don’t have to.

HUNTAHOME Understands Landlord Needs

Not only do we serve your tenants, but we also serve you. Taking care of your property also means taking care of you. We provide landlords and investment groups with great customer service and the assurance that everything is under control. If you want property managers you can trust, then get in touch with us!

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