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7 Steps for Successful Tenant Screening

Occupancy is the lifeblood of real estate investment. Yes, you can sit on a vacant property for years and still make a nice return — but it’s occupancy that delivers the month-over-month cash flow that really unleashes the value. But you can’t have just any tenants in your rental property. You want tenants who are
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How To Manage Security Deposit Itemization For Rental Properties

How many days does the landlord have to itemize their tenant’s security deposit? Does the landlord need to itemize an evicted tenant’s security deposit? Are there any instances in which the landlord doesn’t need to itemize a tenant’s security deposit? These are common questions we receive from the “Do It Yourself” landlords and the answer
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How to Prepare for New Tenants

Updated: January 11, 2018 If you’re a property owner in Dallas, you probably know the basics of getting ready to lease your property to a new tenant. You need to get inspections done, fill out all the necessary paperwork, and hire a Dallas property manager to take care of the rest. Before your tenants move in,
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