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5 Myths About Property Managers

Owning a rental property in Dallas can be an overwhelming experience.  Eventually, as an owner you may want to bring in a third-party company to help you run your property with ease.  However, there are several myths that have been spread about property management that Huntahome can help clear up with you.

5.  Rental Property Management = Lost Control

Remember, as a property owner in Dallas, you do not have to go on this venture alone.  Thinking that a rental property management company will take full control over your rental space is a common myth that simply isn’t true.

When you hire a property manager, you are not signing away your rights as an owner.  Bringing a property manager in is just outsourcing some of the more complex work of property management to another party.  By hiring an experienced company to handle your business for you, as an owner, you are gaining more control simply by working with an expert in the field.

4.  It’s All So Complicated

Although you may think that gaining help from a property manager will complicate things, you couldn’t be any farther from the truth.  When you hire a property manager the tenant screening is taken care of, contracting is done for you, and in the case of a necessary eviction, your rental property management company will handle that as well.

3.  Property Managers Will Cost Me Too Much MoneyProperty Managers are Too Expensive

Yes, there is a fee for property management services, but in reality, think of the time that you save having to avoid the details of property management. Keep in mind that your time is money, and when tax season rolls around, you can deduct your property management fees. You can’t deduct the time you spend self-managing.

Not only are fees tax deductible, but property managers have a goal of increasing your net revenue through market value rental pricing. In this situation, everyone is a winner, especially you.

2.  They Won’t Let Me Use My Desired Repair Companies

Once again, rental property management companies are eager to work with you. This means going over in detail how you would like your rental property to be managed; this includes your preferred repair companies. We may offer you suggestions, but if you have a specific set of companies in mind that you trust, we are on board with you. As mentioned before, with a property manager you do not lose control, you simply gain more of it.

1.  A Property Manager Would Not Care About My Rental Like I Would

This is a common myth that landlords spread among each other.  Like the other myths in this discussion, it is completely false.  Property managers have your best interest in mind and want to place the best tenants possible into your rental so that your property can increase in value with retained tenants.  We want your property to thrive just as much as you do.


Let Huntahome Prove the Myths Wrong

We know that bringing in a third party to manage your private rental property can be daunting.  Huntahome is prepared to talk with you about our services and uncover the fact beneath the fiction that surrounds our industry.  If you are eager to increase property value and raise your net income on your rental property, contact us today to reap the benefits of your property sooner than later.

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