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5 Habits of a Great Property Manager

Great property managers will usually handle the basics of taking care of their tenants needs. If plumbing breaks, a good property manager will have someone on hand to fix it. If the tenants need something, a property manager is on hand to meet the needs in question.

However, this could be any property manager. Like all things in life, if you are a property manager, you just don’t want to be a “good” one, but a “great” one. Here are some of our top habits of what we feel all great property management companies should follow.

1. Great Property Managers Make Sure Rental Checks Are Paid On Time

Property management is a business, and the homes that you manage are the homes that provide your business. If you want to keep the homeowners renting the property happy as clients, this is the number one step to take for building up trust. Ensuring that the rent amount is correct and that there are not any hidden fees on homeowner’s statements is important to singling you out as property manager that can be trusted.

2. Treat the House as if it was Your Own Home

As a property manager you want to remember that you are managing people’s property. This is technically someone’s home and you want to be managing it as if it were your own. This will truly set you apart from other property management companies and it also helps make you seem much more professional during potential tenant tours.

3. Remember to Inspect Your Properties

Sadly, many property managers rarely make it out to visit their properties and rely on the property being in good condition because tenants have not called to complain about something. This is poor management practice. A great manager will visit and inspect the property before and after a tenant moves in or changes need to be made in the event of property repair.

Create a checklist for yourself and know what you are specifically going to be looking for in order to ensure that you are hitting all of your marks.

4. Always Stay Curious

Most great property managers who operate a property management company are always questioning every situation they could potentially come across with a tenant. This way, when an issue arises, you are not caught off guard and have an idea of what your plan of action will be.

You should constantly examine properties surrounding you and take notes on marketing strategies to ensure that your properties will remain on top of the real estate listings.

5. Communication Is Key

Communication with your tenants on a regular basis is the best way for you to prove to them that you are invested in both their well-being and the property itself. As mentioned before, many property owners and managers do not visit their properties or communicate with tenants on a regular basis. This will help build trust between you and your tenants, as well as help you keep tabs on the preservation of your property.

HuntAHome Presents Great Property Management for Your Rental

If you are a homeowner that rents your property, or a hedge fund that rents several properties out, and is tired of having to do the dirty work of evictions, tenant screening, and constant property checks, HuntAHome has your solution.

We are a licensed property management group that is eager to being a great property manager for your next rental property. Call us today to find out about our services and more.

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