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Handling Evictions and Late Rent During the Holidays

Eviction is a word that no tenant wants to hear and no landlord really wants to say. An eviction notice on a door is essentially an extreme loss of revenue for a landlord. This situation is difficult and often results from rent not being paid or being paid late.

The problem of late or null rent during the holidays is one that is difficult to avoid in the world of the modern landlord. Everyone wants to save money at this time of the year, and sometimes the burden ends up falling on the shoulders of the “nice landlord” who will let things slide. Here are some of our tips for handling late rent or the ultimate eviction of a tenant who has failed to pay leading up to the holidays.

Know the Truth Behind the Myths

When it comes to eviction notices there are a couple of myths that tenants tend to rely on during the holidays in order to gain that extra time to pay back-rent. Note that this is not all tenants, there are people who just fall on hard times. However, it is best to know these two facts and warn your tenants when eviction looms over the holidays.

  1. Tenants with children CAN be evicted while the school year is still in session. During the eviction process there are no breaks, extensions or delays once the process has begun with the courts.
  2. Landlords CAN evict tenants in the winter and in cold climates. The eviction process can start at any time of the year, regardless of the climate in the area. If a tenant fails to pay rent or breaches the agreement with a landlord, then the eviction process can proceed as normal.

If you are a landlord that has more questions about the legalities involved with evictions, then we recommend working with a property management company that handles eviction services.

Always Examine a Tenant’s History

Like we said before, sometimes life happens and even the best tenants have an issue during the month of December. During this time, take a look at your tenant’s history and dig deep within yourself to decide on whether it Is possible for you to make any exceptions should you feel them necessary. If your tenant has excellent history with you, consider:

  1. Allowing the late rent to pass with a payment plan in place
  2. Allow a discounted rent for the month as a “gift”
  3. Refer the tenant to an emergency charitable organization in the area

The bottom line is that as a landlord you need to be looking out for your money and follow your landlord instincts in these types of situations. Good tenants are hard to find however, so sometimes it may not be the worst idea to be lenient when a good tenant runs into a wall during the holidays.

Still Need Eviction Services But Don’t Want to Be The Grinch?

If you are a landlord that is just uncomfortable with handling an eviction but doesn’t want their bottom line impacted, get in touch with HuntAHome. We are property managers in the Dallas metroplex that will handle unpleasant areas of property management like eviction services and credit screening. Give us a call today to find out more about our services. We serve all surrounding cities of Dallas!

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