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How To Manage Security Deposit Itemization For Rental Properties

How many days does the landlord have to itemize their tenant’s security deposit? Does the landlord need to itemize an evicted tenant’s security deposit? Are there any instances in which the landlord doesn’t need to itemize a tenant’s security deposit? These are common questions we receive from the “Do It Yourself” landlords and the answer
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5 Remodeling Opportunities that Increase Rental Property Value

Making sure that your rental property is always up to par when it comes to physical value means that there are some steps you may need to take. This is something that many rental property management companies struggle with every year. Find out our top 5 remodeling and small renovation tips that can help property
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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Dallas Property Managers

The spring and summer seasons are the most typical move-out times for renters. This means new beginnings for you and new tenants. Now is the perfect time to gather a spring cleaning list as a property owner. From actual cleaning to checking the books, there is always a way to improve the way that your
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