Huntahome is a full service Real Estate Brokerage, that specializes in Acquisitions, Leasing and Property Management.

Our realty process is streamlined, so you have a Property Manager’s perspective with every purchase you make.

Our licensed experience and oversight will guarantee a healthy transaction. In most cases, we are priced inside the deal through our pro forma evaluation. Don’t buy an investment property in Dallas without factoring expenses, including Property Management! Unless you plan on doing it yourself of course, but then why would you be here reading this. Never lose a minute of time from closing, to make-ready, to market. Our sales team is geared for quick change of ownership and rent ready product.

Let’s talk leasing! The DFW rental market is hot right now. There’s lots of opportunity to secure a high quality tenant in your home. Contact us today and let the Property Management experts at Huntahome do this for you. Our field agents will visit the property, post rehab and get the listing live on market. Our listing photos are industries best and increase your odds of getting the home leased in a timely manner.

How long does it take to lease a home under your management?

Our stance is to under promise and over deliver.

We’re not going to give a low number to look good on this site. We’re honest and ethical. Expect your home to be leased within 30 days on market. To be specific I believe our average day on market is around 18 days. If the home looks good and you haven’t cut any corners with the contracting, we could very well lease your property within 10 days. It all depends on the product that you own.

rental property management in dallas

“Huntahome has managed my house for the past 3 years and I have no complaints. Quick at responding to any of my requests and always keeps me in the loop on any issues. Will recommend to anyone!”

A. Nguyen

“I have enjoyed my overall experience with Hunt A Home. They offer great customer service and support. The maintenance issues are always handled in a timely manner. From the beginning of my search for a home till now that I have found my home. Thanks Hunt a home for the best rental experience. I would give them 5 stars.”

C. Chapa

“Huntahome has been providing excellent property management services for my rental for several years. Huntahome is fast and reliable when property issues occur and will work to do what it takes to provide a solution quickly. In addition, I can relax and sit back because Huntahome takes care of all administrative tasks to manage the property efficiently and keeping it tenant occupied. I am thankful for the great services and staff of Huntahome!”

D. Wheaton

“I’m using Huntahome to manage a few properties I own. They are amazing! The staff is easy to reach, they respond quickly, and they explain everything in detail. I fully trust them to manage my properties and am happy to be a client.”

F. Kim

“Huntahome has been managing my property for over 4 years. I can’t say enough good things about them. Their website is up to date and user friendly for checking on the status of payments or repairs, communication has been prompt when there’s been an issue, and the staff has been friendly and responsive. Very happy with them—this is my first rental property and they’ve made it very, easy.”

J. Sever

“Hunt and his company have done an excellent job with managing my property for the last 5 years. I cannot recommend them more highly. They have always done a stellar job in handling my property even though I live over 1000 miles away”

R. Raychaudhuri

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Tenant Screening!

Tenant Screening! Tenant Screening!

Go ahead, say it out loud with me. It’s important to remember if you own rental property. You can’t just give anyone the keys that has money. It’s important to verify their eligibility and err on the side of caution. Our Application team works hard every day to ensure that we are securing qualified tenants and also make sure that prospects aren’t over leveraging themselves financially. Our lease application generally take 2-3 days to process. We verify everything from Credit, Criminal, Landlord history, Employment verification, in addition to collecting copies of their paystubs and drivers licenses. Since we don’t charge during vacancy, we put a strong emphasis on screening. We don’t’ want any problems with the rents being paid on time!

We our proud of our low vacancy and low eviction rate.

We’re so confident in our screening process, that we will reimburse your prorated leasing commissions in the event that our placed tenant needs to be evicted.

rental property management in dallas

Our residents love us. We work hard to make sure they have a positive living experience at Huntahome. Another statistic we’re proud to share is that of 75%. 75% of all our residents choose to extend their lease because they know they’re in goods hands with us and we take care of the property!

For those do-it-yourselfers and self-managers out there, we will be happy to partner up with you under our Exclusive Right to Lease Agreement. We will screen the tenants for you, verify employment and landlord history.

Once approved and secured under a Lease Agreement, we will coordinate the tenant’s move in and hand the torch to you to self manage if that’s the investment strategy you prefer.

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