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Look at DFW Homes for Sale — and for a Chance to ‘Buy Up’

Dallas Homes for Sale! The Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market is sizzling right now. Need proof? Zillow just named DFW as the nation’s No. 7 hottest market, joining a list that includes several jaw-droppingly expensive California markets (San Jose, San Francisco and San Diego). And that’s one reason why it’s such a great time to
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Roof, Foundation and HVAC: How to Effectively Maintain the Big 3

Repairs are a fact of life when you own rental properties. A dishwasher quits working. An electrical outlet shorts out. A sink or tub backs up. But those are relatively minor issues with relatively simple solutions. There are three big areas, though, where you want to avoid repairs at all costs: Roof Foundation HVAC Roof,
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