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10 Ideas for When to Sell Rental Property

Real estate investment is known for nice cash flow and huge returns when you divest. But how do you know when to sell rental property? Sell too soon, and you may find that you left money on the table. Sell too late, and you may discover that you missed the best chance to maximize your
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Why Property Investors Need Dallas Property Management

Flipping houses can be a fun and quick way to make an easy profit. Purchasing a home on foreclosure or a fixer-upper, cleaning it up, and selling it allows investors to be creative through home design. Bank notes, deeds, and tax liens don’t require marketing, leasing, and renting, but turning your property investment into a
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Tips for Raising Rent on Current Tenants

With each passing year, as the value of your investment property goes up, the market rent you can charge also goes up. If you raise your rental rates along with your property’s value, your monthly cash flow increases. And that’s what all investors want, right? But raising rent on existing tenants isn’t always easy. In
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