Huntahome Realty (HAH) was founded in 2008 to provide clients with superior property management and real estate Brokerage services.  To date, Huntahome works closely with investors, buyers, and sellers, alike, to help achieve each individual’s goals by providing our clients with the hands-on, go-getter approach that has set us apart from many of the other competitors in the real estate industry.

At Huntahome, our headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, which operates the Property Management and Brokerage activities in the Dallas and Houston Metros.  Our work ethic, coupled with the use of cutting edge technology and friendly customer service, has helped keep HAH one step ahead of our competition.  Daily, we’re challenging our competition to “get out with the old” and “get in with the new.”  HAH is at the forefront of a new wave of Property Manager’s and we’re using our youth as a competitive advantage to challenge the industry.

Huntahome has the resources and people available to accommodate a wide variety of property investments and management requirements.  Whether you are looking to purchase your very first home or you need HAH to manage your entire 100-unit portfolio, we have the skills and experience required to assist in either case.  We specialize in all aspects of residential property management and Brokerage services with unmatched personal attention to each individual property and property owner.